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Originally Posted by Becky Morgan View Post
Foundation single crochet makes a beautiful cast-on edge that looks like an added braid. It takes a little experimentation to see what size hook you need to produce a loopy edge suitable for the needles you'll use, but once you get it, it's really nice. (On the bind-off, you can always just single crochet into all the loops and it looks almost the same.)

Cool idea! I never thought about it and probably never would have. I learned how to do foundation single crochet and fdc and have rarely chained since. It makes a much nicer edge for crochet work and is easier to deal with. I've got to try this with knitting! I just learned a provisional crochet cast on and so it's easy for me to see how it would work.

Do you bind off normally and then add the row of crochet or do you somehow bind off with crochet?
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