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Starting a charity knitting group
Hi! After 4 years of crocheting, I well... sort of gave up and took on knitting a couple of weeks ago. As I was wondering what I would possibly knit after I had made things for my family and friends... and then I thought of charity knitting!

I have a couple of friends that crochet or knit, and I thought we could start a group, though I haven't asked them yet. If we started now, who knows how much we might have by winter time.

And so I was wondering, where do you charity-knitters donate to? I don't want to have to knit anything too elaborate. I've honestly never understood patterns, and all I can knit is blankets and scarves, but I'm sure I could easily learn to knit hats.

Also, if I have to ship them somewhere, wouldn't that get quite expensive? If it helps, I live around Denver, Co. Thanks!
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