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Of the patterns, I think the Instant Gratification Scarf might be the best one to use since you're a beginner. You really don't need a pattern to knit or crochet a scarf. Decide how wide you want it to be. Skinny scarves can be four inches wide. Fatter scarves can be six or eight inches wide. Cast on (for knitting) or chain (crochet) enough stitches to reach the width you've selected. In knitting, the simplest way is just to knit every stitch and do the whole thing in garter. For crochet, it's probably best to do this in single crochet. The holes are smaller and it ends up being a warmer scarf. You would knit or crochet the scarf until it is 6 or 7 feet long. What I like to use for something like this is Lion brand Wool ease yarn. You might also try it in the thicker bulky weight. The scarf would knit faster, especially with larger needles.
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