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I don't know if you're still trying to decide between knitting and crocheting, but here are my two cents anyway:

For me, knitting is much easier. Some say crocheting is easier to learn and get started, and I think there's truth to that. But for some reason, I can't seem to wrap my head around it. Counting is a huge, huge deal in crochet. It's important in knitting too, but not as crucial, I believe. I think it takes a lot more concentration to crochet than knit.

That being said, knitting requires more coordination and can feel very clumsy at first. You use a needle in each hand AND hold the yarn AND loop it around the needles and it can be a frustrating endeavor in the beginning. When I first started, I felt like I needed an extra hand but I didn't have any space for it! It can also take a while to get consistent tension and therefore, have your stitches come out even. But, in the end, it's definitely worth it! I felt like I wasn't making any progress as a knitter and then one day, things just clicked into place and I started seeing real improvement. And there's nothing more thrilling than finishing your first project and it looking great!

A couple more things: knitting, as stated before, produces a smaller overall stitch. As a result, it will take longer to complete a knit scarf vs a crochet scarf of the same length. Crocheting can be much faster since the stitches are bigger.

You've gotten a lot of great advice already, so I won't repeat anyone. I do agree that you should give both a try and see which one you gravitate to. I also recommend a light colored, non fuzzy yarn to learn with. That way, you can see your stitches on the needle more clearly.

Good luck and welcome to yarn crafts! It's addicting and awesome. :-)
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