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To give a bit of a different perspective, I found crochet MUCH MUCH easier than knitting. As Sands pointed out, crochet only uses one pointy stick rather than two--which for me was a lot easier.

Also, I've never found that crochet required that much counting--well, not anymore than knitting does anyway. And I find it much easier to count stitches in crochet than in knitting.

One other bonus about crochet is that it's a whole lot easier to unravel and redo crochet than knitting. A big plus if you're just learning what's what!

With all that said, I love both knit and crochet and do them both frequently. I will second (or third or fourth) the suggestion that you try both and see which one clicks for you. If you have a small local yarn store in your city/town, you might see if the owner will allow you to "test drive" some of their hooks and needles. If that doesn't fly, you might ask the owner if he or she knows of someone who might let you try out his or her own personal hooks/needles--without leaving the premises with them, of course. I'm hoping you can find an inexpensive way to dabble in both arts to see which one you like best.

Sometimes thrift stores will carry crochet hooks and knitting needles, too, but that's kinda hit or miss. You could even search for a knitting/crocheting club in your community (you can search for these on to join). Someone there would probably love to show you the ropes and lend you the necessary tools and a bit of yarn, too.

I wish you success in whichever endeavor you decide to go with, and I hope your scarf is just the beginning of a fiber art love.
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