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I have arthritis in my neck as well. It got very severe by the age of 32. Also an abnormality and mild scoliosis in lower back. I have tried acupuncture but it didn't help at all. What helps the best for me is range of motion exercises. In fact it relieves a lot of my pain. Sometimes though my neck is very weak and I need to lie down. I haven't tried magnets but I will read up on them. Chiropractic care for your mid to low back helps to put everything in alignment but the Orthopedic doctors I worked with recommended physio for the neck. I do believe that spinal alignment is very important as no matter what problems I have they are always worse in the left side of my body. this is the side of the spine that is slightly compressed. I never believed that chiropractic care could relieve all kinds of troubles but I do now. Pain in the left side of face, chest, belly, left side nerve pain and even my Raynauds is all worse in the left side. A crooked or misaligned spine seems to be the root of many problems. My spine is curved so they cannot be cured but by trying to maintain a tall posture and doing exercises I can help to keep the muscles strong enough to minimize inflammation.
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