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Awesome, thanks! It is raw fiber, I plan to wash and card it later this week. :D

Another blending can I figure out what the "blend ratio" is? Like...when a skein of yarn says it's 75% whatever and 25% whatever, what is that based on? Overall mass? Weight? I want to know so if I try to repeat this blend (since it looks like I might use a more-Alpaca, less-Angora and possible a-little-Mohair-tossed-in-for-fun blend) it might actually come out reasonably similar. :D

Off-topic, a cousin found out I'm struggling a little to learn hand spinning with Angora so they gifted me a big wad of roving...100% Icelandic Thel!!! It is soooo soft...cleaned, carded and ready to spin, with a staple length that seems to go on foreeeever. I'm so very excited, if I get the hang of knitting at the class later this month, I may be able to knit the most wonderful wool cap for my son. Wooo!
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