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My husband and I have used magnetics for 15 years.

Basically, magnetics aid your own circulatory system to get moving. With increased circulation to a specific site, the body can remove the toxins or debris in the area that are causing pain or impairment.

Magnetics don't cure anything, but they aid your body's own marvelous ability to cure itself.

For example, my 90 yr old mother-in-law came to visit us. She had a horrific ugly black bruise on the back of her hand (from a fall she'd had a week earlier). You know how bruises are on old folks! They linger a long long time.

I applied a magnet the size of a credit card to the back of her hand after dinner, wrapping her hand gently with ace bandage.

In the morning at breakfast, the bruise was almost gone, being the yellow color.

So if that doesn't tell you something!

I have used magnetic bracelets on both wrists, and a magnetic necklace for shoulder cramping. I sit on a magnetic seat pad in my knitting chair! My husband wears magnetic insoles every day. Also, he wears a large magnetic pad for his lower back.

We buy our magnetics from Nikken. It's the best quality in our opinion. Just take a look around on their website, Jan. The magnetics technology is awesome.
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