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I've tried to teach kids in a group before and it's HARD! What I've done before is cast on 10-12 stitches onto the pairs of needles ahead of time. So that when they come in, they're all set and ready to go with the actual KNITTING part. Once they get comfortable with the knit stitch, THEN you could teach them about casting on.

BTW, I also use the Continental method for knitting, but when I teach others I use the English method. It's easier to show them step-by-step how to get through the knit stitch. I also use the following to help them remember:

"IN through the front door"; (stick the R needle thru the 1st stitch)
"Once around the back"; (wrap the yarn around the R needle)
"Peek through the window; and" (bring the yarn thru)
"Off jumps Jack" (push the completed stitch off the L needle)

This is what's helped me. You could also print up some lists of websites with online learn to knit videos for them to watch at home. (like this site)

Let us know how things are going!!!!

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