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hey there.
hey everyone. My name is chris and I just started knitting. I have always wanted to try it, and finally got to stay home with my kids the other day when they were sick, and during the off day, you tubed some videos, grabbed some chopsticks out of the drawer and started messing around. Later that afternoon I took my two kiddos to Michaels and bought some needles and the yarn they liked. The lady there wasnt super helpful, but I figured out that you have to match the yarn to the needle, got the right sizes and voila, here I am.

I love to build things, golf clubs, fly rods, flies, ukuleles, etc. It seemed a natural fit to want to make my own beanies as well. My wife always jokes about the two month hobby, but its nice to be able to pick things back up and keep working on them when I get an itch to do so.

I havent done much, Ive spent about 6 hours on a scarf, and its about 2 inches long. is so unbelievably slow, Im not sure how much longer I can work on it....thats why I stopped by, to find out what kind of time it takes for these kind of the look of it, I will have spent a good 40 hours on a scarf that looks like something jabba the hutt threw up, and thats a little frustrating...

anyway, Im headed next to the help section of the forum for some specific advice.

thanks for having me on... have a great week!
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