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Originally Posted by ecedman View Post
I found one. Just typed in "Two toned Brioche stitch in the round continental method" and on youtube was a very good video showing the method. Thank you all for your responses. By the way, if you are using the continental method the American method does confuse things quite a bit, because you move the yarn all over the place, unlike the continental it just stays in place.
I'm sorry watching knitting videos that aren't in the Continental style is not helpful to you, it must be extremely frustrating and make thing much more difficult. I find them very helpful. Maybe you could supply the link to the video you found, I'd like to watch it. I keep working on holding the yarn in my right hand because I think it would be great to knit both ways but so far I've not been able to purl well that way. For using two colors I don't think I'd really need to purl so maybe when I try that again it will be OK. I also find that if I watch one video and get something from it and then another and get something from it, I can usually manage to learn most anything.
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