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Originally Posted by PoppyKenna View Post
Thank you so much I am going to wash it and see how well it goes - hopefully it works out but will let you know.

Yes it washed off my hands really well and I've heard that acrylic doesn't dye so *fingers crossed*. After looking more carefully at what is happening, it's almost as if it's not so much the *color* coming off onto the yarn as the *metal* is staining my yarn. I really don't know if that's possible but my hands were getting sort of a metallic smell to them. But, who knows.

EDIT: I washed it this morning in cold water with a little detergent. It washed right out! I am so relieved. Thank goodness I went with the acrylic!

I switched over to plastic needles that aren't quite as easy to work with but are encased in a clear plastic that, at least, won't stain. They'll work to finish the project. I didn't buy these needles online, but yes, I think I will be writing a review.

Thanks for all the help.
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