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Newbie here saying Hi!!!!
Hello everyone!!!! My name is John, Im from Oak Ridge NJ. After hurricane Sandy hit we were without power for 6 days. During that time we thought of ways to occupy ourselves. Thats when my interest in crocheting was rekindled, which led to an interest in knitting. I’ve been watching youtube videos and searching the web for basic knitting info. I’ve been able to start a scarf with some success but eventually mess up because the needles come out of the stitches or I stitch improperly, this results in me starting over. Never the less, I actually find that the redundancy of constantly starting over is helpful. My question for this board would be, where in this forum would you suggest a newbie look to further research the basics of the craft? Or, other than the actual knitting, what should I learn that would help me better understand the craft. Any help would be greatly appreciated….

Thanks so much….. John
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