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Yes when I get into more complicated projects I will definitely use stitch markers. I have some somewhere but we recently moved and I lost track of them. They used to be in my knitting bag but are there no longer. So I might as well just buy some more. Would you recommend circular stitch markers or the split ring markers? I had the split ring markers.

My scar seems to be fine the longer I knit it. So the shape should be fine. I was just worried.

Oh and is it normal to get allergy symptoms (eyes burning, some sneezing here and there, etc) from 100% acrylic yarn?? I don't have any hives or obvious dermal signs of allergy, just my eyes and nose. Maybe it was just a fluke but it seems a few minutes after I pick up my knitting that I end up with burning eyes. It's not so bad that it stings, but just enough to annoy me. I am allergic to dogs that produce much dander and trees, grasses, etc. But I'm in a heated/air conditioned apartment without windows open. And my dog is a yorkie (has hair instead of downy fur) and I've never been allergic to my dog. I've had him for over 4 years. So this is strange to me. I take zyrtec daily and haven't had any issues with allergies unless I forget to take it. But I've only had this yarn for 2 days now and it's only been happening for 2 days.
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