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Hi thanks for the quick responses...

The loom I'm using is rectangular in shape not a round loom. The company is Boye. They actually call this thing a "Scarf Loom"

I'm basically only using one side of the rectangular loom (not both sides of pegs) on the rectangle. So I guess that means I was attempting to knit flat? I'm not tubing it. The edges of the scarf just curl up into what looks like a tube. (I wish they had an icon for Ripping your hair out. LOL)

And I wasn't combining any stitches while doing this. I was using only a knit stitch... no purling. I correctly interpreting that what I should be doing for a flat scarf is to knit one row, purl one row, repeat?

Sorry again for the lack of comprehension.... I'm one of those people who learns by doing so the learning curve on this is a little challenging.

Thank you again for the input!
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