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How do you pick your knits?!
Hi guys,
My first post Anyway, I'm a new knitter, taught myself last year with a series of youtube videos and have since knit 4 scarves, 4 Christmas stockings (in the round) and a pair of slippers (on straight that required seaming). I feel fairly confident following patterns, or going off doing my own thing and have used cables etc.

Not being a fan of seaming I've decided that each of the kids will have a sweater (yes you guessed it...4 sweaters) but they will be knit in the round and I don't mind if it's top down or bottom up construction as have viewed videos on both and at the moment feel fairly confident that either will be ok.

My big problem is actually finding a pattern. There's just too many out there (paid and free) so have decided to kind of design my own using bits I like from various patterns. Am I being too adventurous in this and should I just follow a single pattern to the last?

I have all my measurements for the kids and have worked out in my head and on paper how I would go about adjusting patterns to fit my own gauge (as opposed to my gauge to fit the pattern) as the kids have already picked what type of wool they like etc.

My eldest daughter has chosen a fairly chunky wool and wants a jumper/dress the youngest has chosen a dk wool but style is completely up to me.

Obviously as it's my first attempt at jumper knitting I want to get one under my belt as soon as possible - Which do you think will knit up quickest, or which would you choose to knit first - the chunky jumper dress for a 26" x 29" dress or a dk in 22"x17"

If any of you also know of any chunky dress style patterns (or jumpers that I could just knit longer) that are knit in the round I'd love to be able to show them to my daughter to see that we do indeed both have the same style in mind!
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