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I need help "Back Ribbing" on Dog sweater.
Hello, I'm very new to knitting and decided to take on a dog sweater after doing a basic scarf from the " I taught my self how to knit kit, by BOYE". I'm fairly done because I will not be adding the pocket that goes on the back of the sweater. Ok, now that I have filled everyone in here's where I'm stuck at.

Finishing: Sew neck seam to markers.

Back Ribbing: With RS facing, MC and circular needle, pick up and knit 33 sts along body from marker to back. K26 from spare needle dec 3 sts evenly across. Pick up and knit 33 sts along opposite side of body to marker. 89 sts. Join in round, and placing a marker on first st, proceed as follows:
Next round: Purl
Next round: Knit
Rep last 2 rounds 3 times more. Cast off purlways.

ok, that's the next section I'm working on. I'm stuck because I'm not sure if they are telling me to sew the neck seam 1st then proceed with the back ribbing or the back ribbing is the direction for the sewing of neck seam. Then, I don't understand none of the second part, lol. I'm not sure if they are saying pick up and knit 33 sts on the circular needle and if so which way am I knitting? Vertical or horizontal? I see my marker but what do they mean along the body to the back? Then I have no clue what to do with the spare needle, it says knit 26 from spare needle, where am I knitting to, the other side or along the circular needle?

Now let say what I have tried and thought it was so wrong. first I tried with a straight needle(plus I didn't have a circular needle), I picked up and knitted 33 stitches, then I started with the ribbing, p1k1, did that for 3 rows and noticed that the pattern was sideways.

I took the sideways part out and made my own circular needles using a small old phone cord (I didn't need), some dowels, glue and tape and a small screw driver. I have tried to do exactly what is says but it still comes out sideways.


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