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ChiaoGoo needles
My JoAnn order arrived today and in it were my Sock-Ease yarn and size 0 ChiaoGoo Red 40" circular needles. I've been wanting to add a size 0 circ to an order that has free shipping (yeah, I'm cheap!) They're rather different than other needles I've used. The cable is a bit thicker than Knit Picks Options cable but it is extremely flexible. It's actually nylon coated steel. The tips are stainless steel and have enough taper that I'm comfortable with them. They're "ergonomically designed to ease hand fatigue" which means they're bent. I'm not sure if I like that but I'll decide soon. I'm using them with right now with my Lollipop color Sock-Ease. I've found that Sock-Ease can be a little splitty but it's not seeming to be much of a problem so far and knitting the first round of 2@a time toe up socks was pretty easy. I don't think shorter than 40" would work for 2@a time socks. Has anyone else used these needles? Do you like needles that are "ergonomically designed to ease hand fatigue?" I think I want to try the ChiaGoo Lace needles also.
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