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Glad to hear you got your yarn and needles (I'm still waiting for mine to be sent from WEBS and I ordered it last weekend). I've not even heard of the needles you mentioned, but I'll certainly note them down as an option. Of course, with the needles I should hopefully maybe someday in the not-to-distant future get from Webs, I'll have about three different kinds of needles in all sizes! Do I really need more? (That's a rhetorical question!)

Speaking of ergonomics, have you tried the Cubics needles from WEBS--the square ones? They're "supposed" to cut down on hand fatigue, too. I can't tell that they help one iota with fatigue, but I do love their squarishness, and they're nice and slippery. And most importantly, they're square!!--something that's really appealing to someone with a box fetish (it's also nice for those of us who are certifiably insane).
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