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Jan, I still want to try the Hiya Hiyas, I will too, it's a matter of them being part of another order. I had never seen the ChiaoGoos before, watched a review on youtube and decided to try them.

salmonmac, after it all seeming very awkward at first with the first rounds of stitches on my socks, I think I like the bent needles. These seem really long, I don't know if that is perception or reality, I'll have to do some measuring and comparing. One nice thing, when the stitches are pushed back on the cable they don't slide off as easily when I don't want them to.

ABC's Mom, I have one set of Addis fixed circs...I don't like them. They seem very blunt and the cable is kinky. The most expensive needles I own and I don't like them. I guess every person has a different experience. I'm glad you are happy with yours. These aren't as slippery as say the KP Options NPs but that's not too bad for me with sock yarn. I am clumsy enough that I loose the stitches off the needles very easily.

Antares, may your order arrive soon! Mine actually got here faster than I expected. I have a set of sz. 3 Cubics and they are OK. I think I prefer round needles, the stitches seem to hang on the square needle but maybe it's because I knit sort of tight. Dunno. Also on the set I have the join could be smoother. Still, they are quite usable and I don't intend to get rid of them. Certifiably insane? Are you talking about me? LOL I guess we can share that?

These have the smoothest join of any circs I've used. The cable is taking some getting used to but it wasn't all curled up right out of the pkg and the fact that it is thicker is balanced by it's being easy to deal with the loops on ML. It just doesn't twist around and get in my way as much. These are my first sz 0 needles and I'm wanting smaller ones...I think sz 00 needles are out there, I'll have to get them. I cannot work with fine yarns in crochet even after all the years I crocheted because my fingers just won't cooperate; knitting with thread is a different matter. I love looking at those itsy bitsy teeny weeny stitches that I made!

So I think I will buy more of these needles...when they're part of an order with free shipping.
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