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Okay, so my apologies for disappearing into the abyss for more than a year... The problems with my pregnancy didn't clear up and in fact got worse. I ended up spending almost half my pregnancy in the hospital and in and out of ICU. (The problem wasn't actually pregnancy based, just aggravated to life-threatening levels by the pregnancy.) I delivered a healthy baby boy by emergency c-section after 60 hours of labor, and he's now 7 months old. My health hasn't really recovered though now I'm with a new specialist that has at least allowed me to return home to my family. His hope is that with a combination of therapies, I'll regain my health. (Here's hoping!!) I'm still bedridden, but at least now I have internet! I'm trying to come back and get back into the swing of a 'normal'-ish life. Hopefully, those of you who knew me before I went poof, can forgive me?

Happy to be back,
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