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Thank you.
Originally Posted by Jan in CA
If it is the book was released in 1936, the movie in '39.
That would be the English version, this is the Dutch so the first edition would be from 1937 and the movie wasn't released over here until 1950. The book has been reprinted many times though - 35th in 1993.
Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma
There are no copyright dates in the book?
Nope, nothing regarding year of printing or anything like that.
Originally Posted by salmonmac
You've done a wonderful job on the letters, too.
Thank you. It really is quite easy to stitch it on like this. It is not perfect as you see how no letter is exactly the same, but it is quite readable. And I was lucky that the height I choose for the letters turned out so well - it just fitted on the spine, without calculating it first.
It seems so easy...
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