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How is everyone doing?

We've been crazy busy with the holiday and I was just complaining yesterday that I need a couple more washing machines just to get caught up. We replaced our drapes with blinds and I have to wash the curtains to pack them away -- but am so far behind on our regular clothes, sheets, and rugs that I don't know when I'll get to them! The most time-consuming part is having to wait for the washer to finish each load.

I'm currently working on a scarf (using Malabrigio Rio yarn) and I've started a new Baby Moderne Log Cabin blanket. It was torturous finishing the first one, but when it was done I liked it so much I decided to put myself through it all again.

I've also started another dachshund sweater for MIL, but we haven't seen her since DD's birthday party over a month ago (and not for a couple of months before that), so I'm not terribly motivated. I'm using DPN's for the first time and actually find it equally fiddly compared to magic loop, but also easier to keep my stitches together (so I don't have "ladders".)

I have no pictures. My recent resolution (starting December 1) is to take more pictures, but just saying so does not seem to make it happen!

I have two skeins of leftover purple yarn and if I ever make it to the store, I'm going to get some more DPNs and make my daughter some leg warmers. All the patterns I've seen use two needles sizes, which seems odd to me. I'm planning to just get whatever metal ones Michael's has (Boye's, I think?) but I'm open to recommendations if any of you have a favorite. My circulars are Addis and KP Harmonys. ("Harmonies" just doesn't seem right to me.)

Here's what I have for outstanding blankets; Calico Kitty is in progress and Into The Forest and Collie Cuddle are looking for more knitters:

Calico Kitty (whites, browns, tans, blacks and all calico colors):
1. Moonbunny
2. salmonmac <-- Knitting!
3. Susan/susanuehl
4. Katie/sakura-panda
5. KristinMei

Into The Forest (unthemed, any color):
1. Susan/susanuehl

Collie Cuddle (unthemed, any color, beginning with taupe and autumn colors):
1. Katie/sakurapanda
2. Susan/susanuehl
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