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Heirloom Knitting Rose Trellis Lace chart

I'm having issues with their chart and am hoping someone here has worked from it. I tried comparing it to Barbara Walker's written out instructions and they're not the same. I've been in contact with the authors of the book and for whatever reason they don't understand what I'm asking.

I initially looked for errata because on a row early on they showed the count number which was different from the number of stitches shown on the chart. I assumed the stitch count from the chart was right and went merrily knitting away.

Until I started thinking about it laying in bed last night. "What if it was right? But it can't be the count is off and I have the right number of stitches. But what if it is?" After tossing and turning until I passed out I looked up the errata this morning. I was right. The numbers they provided so you don't have to count the stitches on the chart were wrong. The chart was right. It was then I saw the second bit of errata for this pattern and since I am past that section and didn't encounter a problem with that row I am now concerned.

The errata is look at page 106 row 15 of the errata. It says the first and last black triangle (double decrease) should be a slash (single decrease) instead. That can’t be. You can’t replace a double decrease with a single and not have the count be off. I’ve gone over it and over it and don’t see how the original chart is wrong. The knitted item looks just fine. I always use stitch markers for the beg and end section as well as the pattern repeat and always count them as I work the wrong side and sometimes as I go along.

So, has anyone else used this chart? Should I just keep going? This is a 45 row pattern. I’d hate to get too far into it only to find I was wrong.

Thanks in advance
ETA I've been in contact with the authors and for whatever reason they don't understand my question. I don't know how else to ask it.
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