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Knitting in the Round with two circular needles?
So, I'm knitting something I've never tried before, that being a stuffed animal. The pattern had me get 2 circular needles of the same size, the idea being that I knit one leg on one and the other leg on the second, and then somehow combine them. The combining is where I got stuck. It tells me to redistribute like this: "With RS facing, place the last 10 sts of the second leg and the first 10 sts of the first leg on one needle, then place the remaining 10 sts of the first leg and the first 10 sts of the second leg on the other needle." I believe I distributed the stitches correctly, because it looks like the seams for the legs being sewn up will fall in between the legs, which I think is the point. However, it then tells me to "join double strand of main yarn with RS facing to the beginning of one needle. Work in Stockinette st in the round on all 40 sts as follows: Knit the first 20 sts using both ends of the same needle, then knit the second 20 sts with both ends of the other needle."

All the talk about this needle/that needle/the other needle really has me confused. When they say needle, do they mean the other circular needle altogether, or just the needle at the other end? What does it mean to knit with "both ends of the same needle"?
Thank you!
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