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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
After I got finished I kept thinking about this fowl image. Did it take you long to pluck up the nerve to post it? Someone's gonna cry fowl over it. Maybe it should be in a penalty box for fowl play.

I want to see a Fowl Ball baseball chicken.

Is it possible to link to the Fair Isle Fowl?
Well if I can ever get a decent photo of her, I'll post "Bantamime, The French Hen", which was a completely different (original) design. she doesn't play baseball though... as far as I know.

I found the Fair Isle chicken when I was looking for something else, and it's been a while back. But if you just Google "knitted chickens" it should show up in your results. If I can find it again I'll be sure to link to it.
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