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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Thank you so much, Carol. I know they aren't a work of art or fine example of knitting but I'll wear them and enjoy them. Part of my problem with photos is I'm so stingy. I use a prepaid phone and generally only think to use it when I'm away from home (about the only time I turn it on) and decide I do need to talk to someone. Last August I added $10 just to not lose the minutes I had. I've done that before. I probably have the lowest cell phone bill in town.

I look forward to seeing your argyle. I've never attempted something like that. I found Cat Bordhi doing the Sweet Tomato Heel on youtube. I think I might try that one next time. I see there is a padded version of in another video.

I've finished turning the heels, there is a mystery I'd like to solve, I ended up with 3 more stitches on on the needle after the first heel but can't figure out why. It looks like I worked the short rows correctly. Rather than rework the (un)darned things, I decided one row more or less won't hurt much, if that's what caused it, and since things seem to be even otherwise, I worked a few decreases and just went back to knit, knit, knit, in an upward spiral, so now I'm bored and think I'll try a waffle stitch or waffle rib.

I had to find the first pair of worsted weight socks I knitted for myself and put them on. I used the Lifestyle Sock formula and some ugly acrylic yarn that looks like a throwback to the '70s and my high school days, vareigated browns and turquoise that I'd been given. It's not so ugly as socks.
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