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Originally Posted by CraftyCricketNC View Post
Hello, All. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself since I just recently joined this forum.
I am new to knitting--in fact, I just started in February 2012. I completed my first project, a scarf for my husband, in mid-March. I have now started a new project, a cable scarf. This one is definitely more challenging than the first project, but I am happy to say that it is coming along nicely thus far...
Anyway, I am very excited to have found this forum! I know I will have questions and need tips and pointers along the way. I look forward to learning with forum friends and passing along any of my tips and knowledge that I acquire along the way!

Thank you,
There's much more to than just the forum. There's a WEALTH of helpful information here, and the forum is only part of it. that said, knitting techniques are what you call "artisan knowledge" -- that which is most effectively passed on from person to person. Books and videos are helpful, but when those don't give you an answer you understand this is the place to be!

So welcome from a fellow Tar Heel!
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