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Originally Posted by fatoldladyinpjs View Post
I put my yarn that I am knitting with in a plastic grocery bag. I loosely tie the two handles together and run the working yarn out of one of the spaces at the side of the bag. This allows the yarn to feed without the skein or ball rolling all over the floor. It also keeps dirt, dust, and pet hair off the yarn. When I've finished my knitting for the day, I untie the bag and put my work along with the needles into the bag to keep it all together. If I'm working on several projects at once, it allows me to put them all into my storage tote without the yarns getting tangled together. The shopping bags are also portable so you can grab and go if you're knitting outside your home.
I've used this technique when knitting multiple strands held together. It has the added benefit of keeping them from getting tangled up in each other. I also took the four (in this case) bags I was feeding the yarn from and put them all in a basic tote bag (the reusable shopping bag sort) to hold them still and keep the grocery bags from running off unattended (and to make it easier to pick up and take along if I needed to).

Carrying this a little further, in my one and only (so far) intarsia project, I took the tiny balls of yarn and segregated them into groups that I'd be working with on each side (it was a round piece) then put each group in a ziploc bag. I fed each strand through the top of the bag and sealed the parts of the zipper in between the strands to help keep them from turning into a mess. It wasn't a perfect solution, but it DID keep me from completely losing my mind.

The plastic containers that pre-moistened cleaning wipes come in work well for this purpose too, but they tend to be a little bit small in one direction or the other when you're working from a large ball/skein. Somebody else wa-a-a-y back in the early part of this thread mentioned using plastic coffee cans with a hole punched in the lid (brilliant!). All of these have the added advantage of keeping the "bonus fiber" (i.e. dog/cat hair) out of your yarn.
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