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Big news (mostly personal) from the KH homestead
Hi everyone,

Our big news here at KnittingHelp home headquarters, is that Sheldon and I are expecting a baby boy in February!

Also, our daughter Erin has been super into knitting lately (as much as a 4 year old can be into anything), which is just as big news, as far as I'm concerned.

Life is good. It's been a busy Fall, but I'm feeling like things are settling down and I can focus on Baby and getting ready for his arrival in a month and a half.

Oh, and the other big thing in our lives is that our little KnittingHelp shop, which we run out of our home, is about to expand. (As soon as I can make up my mind about the inventory! Send me some expedient-decision-making vibes, please!) We'll be stocking all manner of essential knitting accessories , and, most exciting to me, a line of yarn with a gorgeous color pallet. Just a favorite, affordable worsted weight to start with. Sheldon thinks it's a good business plan, and I think it is too, but really I just want a full color pallet of an awesome yarn stocked in my own house.
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