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dpn troubles
A few weeks ago, I started working with (4) dpn's to knit a hat (my first) for my brother, and it has been a nightmare! I read the instructions from a few of my knitting books, and also watched the video from KH, but even with the video I still don't get it. My biggest problem is: which needle is the "next" needle?
Now, I saw the two other ways of knitting small diameter items: the one where you use two circs, and the Magic Loop. Are these subsitutes for dpn's, then? I would love to try one of these, maybe the ML since to me that seems easier for me to get. I'd love to hear some of your opinions- do you use the ML method, or two circs? Or, any advice on using the dpn's? I'm stubborn, and I don't like to give up on something; on the other hand, fighting with my dpn's these past few weeks is wearing me out. Thank you much!
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