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ABC's Mom: I second what Sheldon said! You probably went to the lovely small shop in the middle of Downtown Northampton. Webs is a bit further down the road, and is actually, the largest yarn store in the country, if you include their warehouse. They have huge sale events, and significant discounts--the more you buy, the greater the discount they give you. They're also just a lovely group of people. I'm sure there are yarn shops in Springfield as well, you could search on for one near your daughter if you need something closer.

Dollyce, thanks for the yarn suggestions, I'm still open to suggestions. Definitely we will stock a good worsted, 100% natural wool yarn. Lamb's Pride is lovely and definitely a contender. I was also considering Paton's classic, but they've apparently outsourced to Turkey and gone downhill. The trick is to find that fine line between being soft, but wearing well and not pilling excessively. And affordable. And domestic, ideally! If any others come to mind, please let me know, I'm still comparing and researching!
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