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What a helpful list ... and some good laughs too. Haven't gone through them all but I will! Thought I would pipe in my 2 cents too

I bought an iPad almost a year ago for the soul purpose of using it for my knitting. Though it has morphed into using it for more than that now, I do still use it for knitting purposes. Here are some things that I have found helpful...

Tablet/iPad Tips....

Someone in one of my FB knitting groups mentioned an app called iAnnotate PDF. This app is worth buying! It allows you to mark up the pattern your working on without worrying about losing the pattern or your notes. You can highlight where you are, highlight any area of the pattern, underline, bold, or just write something on the pattern yourself. This app alone has been so helpful for me. And saved me from using SOOO much paper

Another app is Netflix. I use it when I can sit in our living room to watch something but still want to work on a project. ... and switching with the iPad is real easy when I need to make sure I'm still working on the pattern correctly.

Something that I don't think most ppl with iPads realize is that you can save a link to a webpage and have it show up as an icon for easy access. I created a knitting folder for pages I want to have quick access to without having to open my browser first. Been great for patterns I find online that I want quick access to or want to read more later.

I've also found the notepad app handy if I'm trying to remember what stitch I start on the next row if its a repeat pattern that would normally be easy to follow but SO easy to mess up lol Like last night I started a pattern repeat where k1 and p1 switched each row with a knit row between them. I knew that by the time I finished the knit row I'd forget where I had to start so I just marked a k or p on a different line when I started on of the newer rows. So far no mistakes! lol I keep my smartphone notebook handy for this reason too. I also keep both handy incase I get inspiration and need to record it ASAP before it leaves my mind forever

.... for other non-techie tips.....

I too use extra bits of yarn to mark my place if I can't find (or reach) my markers. .... My Mom bought me a couple of caddies (will share a pic of my fav one, when I figure out how to do that in this forum from me iPad), that I absolutely love. Am sure you've seen them around, mostly used for newspaper or magazine holders and such. I keep one beside my bed and one beside my couch. Each holds a project, along with my notions, and the yarn I need for the project.

Edit... Can't figure out how to share a photo off my Facebook page photo album, so here's the link to the album, the caddie is the first pic, as its the last one I shared. .... Hope that's ok if not Ill remove it.

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