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...never asked this before...
I'm a knitter by nature, crochet somehow escapes me for the most part. I can do it but... I have probably the silliest question in the world but I have to ask:

If the pattern says ch 26, does the loop you start with in the beginning count as one or zero? In other words, do I start with, "...two, three..." when counting the actual hooking or, "one, two, three..." etc.?

Not knowing things like this is why I knit,

but, I'm going to make a toilet seat and tank top cover and I cannot find any such pattern for knitting but one, and it isn't really pretty. I'd love to crochet this kind, or the other crochet ones I've seen in the old time crochet books online everywhere, with roses etc in/on them, but ... that's like wanting to fly to the moon at this point in my needlework journey. I've found a simple enough one for my level of inexperience... I hope!

Thanks for the answer in advance... I'm sure you're all just dying to say...
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