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Reply from McCall's
I received a message (reply) from McCall's Customer Service Dept today. Very nice...within 24 hrs.

First, here is my original message to them:

McCall's Makes It Just For Baby: 65 Things to Knit, Crochet, Sew,1973 containing theHooded Ribbed Jacket pattern: Are the designs copyright protected? The publication isout-of-print, therefore the designs are lost and unavailable to 21st Century knitters except via thesecondary market with is hardly a viable resource. There are numerous 21st Century knitters who are looking for some of the more relevant designs featured in this out-of-printbooklet, specifically the Hooded Ribbed Jacket. I am very conscious of copyright protection, andwant to locate this pattern through legal channels only. Thank you for your answer and/or
assistance. Sincerely, Dollyce Beeman

Here is their reply:

Hi Dollyce Beeman,
We are very sorry but, we only go back 4 years and the pattern you have inquired has been discontinued and no remaining copies are available and we only go back three years for discarded patterns, please try our online catalog atwww.mccall.comfor a similar pattern or you can try one of the following websites for a pattern service that may be able to find patterns that you are looking for:
Your interest in our patterns is appreciated and we wish you luck with your pattern search.
Kim Lettis
Customer Service
800-255-2762 ext 488
785-776-4041 ext 488

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So now any of you may write to McCall's if you wish to get a more satisfying answer regarding OUT-OF-PRINT patterns and the copyright LOCK & KEY. You will notice, she sidestepped the question ARE THESE DESIGNS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED?

We have a name, number and email address, as seen above in the reply.

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