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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Geeze, you could get the impression it's a matter of national security or something. I guess politicians don't have a corner on the market when it comes to saying nothing worthwhile and not answering a question.
I'll tell ya one thing, Gramma...if you ever had a neurotic designer turn loose on you...'s almost like as if it was a matter of national security! No, I take that's worse than a matter of national security! If someone impinges on her/his MONEY and's do or die time.

And I do believe that many of today's designers have a 'net' that hunts and scavenges for mentions of their designs. I think if I emailed a pdf pattern to my girlfriend, and she knit it and posted it anywhere...the designer would become aware of it...and comparing your identity with her list of PAID CUSTOMERS....she'd wonder where you got your hands on the pdf. Some designers would have the unmitigated temerity to outright email you, asking about it.

The internet has changed everything these days. It allows us to cheat designer out of his/her income by way of electronic sharing of pdfs...and it allows her to stalk us.

It can get creepy.

Like for instance, if I gave the name of a neurotic designer that has stalked me...she'd prolly know what I am saying about her by tomorrow morning. She's that neurotic, and crazy, and mean.

My sin? She didn't like my comments in my Ravelry notebook. She thought I was saying too much about the pattern when I talked about my modifications, plans, etc. in my own Ravelry project notes. She thinks other folks will troll the internet looking for snippets of her patterns to put together the pattern without buying it. She's absolutely nuts.

So who wants to roll the dice and have a crazy designer on your butt forever more by sharing a copyrighted pattern with someone else? I've even had thoughts (when someone private messages me over at Ravelry, asking me to "share" a pattern that isn't "free") that perhaps its a a designer's spy!
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