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FO: fisherman rib baby hoodie
This vintage pattern is from 1973, and the booklet is discontinued, much to my dismay. I own old tattered notes from the 1970's when my BFF and I were knitting this fisherman rib baby hoodie for our babies, Lauralee and Elliott. (Two days ago, I won an Ebay auction for the McCall's booklet that contains the original pattern!)

This yellow jacket is intended for a young Hispanic mother at our congregation. Her baby girl is very tiny, weighing 6 lbs at birth, and a whopping 10 lbs now at 8 wks. Won't this lemon yellow look wonderful on a Hispanic baby girl who has enough hair to braid!? I mean, her hair alone prolly weighs a pound! I wanted this jacket to fit her now. So I had to modify the stitch counts, etc. because the smallest size given in the pattern notes is 6 months. On top of modifying stitch counts and lengths, I used bulky yarn instead of that was a double whammy conundrum!

Here are my Ravelry notes if you care to look.

You're not seeing things. This yarn color is tonal. It washes between very light yellow to lemon yellow.

Top button, unbuttoned.

I used a proportionately large 1" acrylic barrel button so that the jacket will stay closed, something my daughter told me to please do back when I was knitting for her babies.

As you may know, fisherman rib is very thick and cushy. Every row that you think you're counting is really two rows of knitting.

The pattern stitch: for this otherwise 1x1 rib, on every row (RS & WS) the "knit" is worked into the knit below, that is, on one row down. You just stab the right needle into the knit below, wrap the yarn, and let the two of them fall off the end of the left needle. Don't ask me why it works, but it does. On the other side, you will purl that weird double-stack stitch, so I'm saying every other row the weird knit is purled normally.

I do love fisherman rib. It's very thick and traps a lot of air. It's not thick like thick-thick 'dense''s thick because of air or space trapped in the stitch.

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