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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Even the shortest cord may be too long for this many stitches, especially if it's a thin or medium weight yarn. You'll probably have to use a longer cord and the Magic Loop or single loop technique. With a 5mm and worsted weight, that would only be 12" around and I'm not sure Denise's cords even make a 16" needle.

Or like the post above says - use 2 cords, with the right size needle on one end and a smaller on the other. Then always make sure the correct size is in the right hand.
Hiya Hiya makes them in 12" and even 9" lengths in both individual and interchangeables. But I shudder to think how short the tips would be on the individual needles, or how awkward the interchangeables would be -- even with the 4" tips. For me, even the tips on most 16" circs are so short they're awkward to use. (YMMV) If I were doing it (which I promised Tonka I never, ever would) I'd just do it in ML and call it a day. But that's my go-to method for anything small and round anyway.
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