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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
My SIL outlawd MS at his house, he cured MS with Macs all around, I got an old Windows laptop he said should go to ecycle and I'm running Linux Mint on it. If you want to you can go download Mint (it's a great flavor!) and do a dual boot. My drivers all worked out of the box with the d/l and I didn't have to go bald trying to get my printer up and running, now my wifi was another story but in my ignorance of what I was doing...I set up to need MAC addresses and didn't know what I'd done or why, but I got it working, now know what I did, and since it's more secure I'm leaving it like it is.

More later, maybe, gotta run now. Today I actually have a real life!

BTW my SIL, about 14 yrs. ago, told me he was a Computer Consultant (or Insultant depending on who he was working with/for or talking to) and has written or overseen the writing and installation of a lot of the code for a big company's billing system. I need to have him on my good side when it comes to computers so even if I wanted to run MS, I don't think I would.
I went there but
DH says no touchie things without my admin son... which may take a few years. He's so busy he doesn't have time to turn around.
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