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Originally Posted by mojo11 View Post
I find this thread fascinating. I'd always gotten the feeling that Magic Loop was somehow disdained in the knitting community at large, because I almost never see it referenced in patterns. But it seems it's much more popular than I thought.

Is there a bias toward DPNs in published patterns, or am I just not reading enough of them? Or are the ones I'm seeing just too old to know from ML?

Questions for the ages, I tell ya.
I'm another one that only uses magic loop. My opinion is that the patterns require certain size circulars and then switch to double points (like for hats) so they can sell you more needles. More needles, more money for the pattern/yarn/needle company. Double points to finish the top of the hat are unnecessary. I use single or traveling loop to do the main body of the hat and switch to magic loop for the decreases. And circulars are attached. No more chasing needles across the floor and digging them out of the sofa.
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