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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Pattern companies don't make needles, so that's not a really strong arguement. It's pretty simple really. Needles with really flexible cords are fairly recent, maybe the last 5 years. The Magic Loop booklet which popularized the method was published only 10 years ago, even though some of us had been doing it years before that. We just never thought about printing a book about it.

Dpns have been around forever and were what you used to make socks and hats with, shorter needles have only become readily available in the last 10 years too. So ML is a more recent method of knitting and not a lot of older knitters or patterns will use it, only newer ones. And it is a very personsal preference, both by designers and knitters. Some hate ML and love dpns, some the other way, so there's no real conspiracy by anyone.

Darn it, no conspiracy. Good grief.

I think that a lot of people don't have interchangeable sets and do have dpns in the same size as their fixed circulars. For them switching to dpn would make sense. The little I have done with dpn makes me think it's no big deal once you get used to it. There have been a lot of lovely knitted pieces produced on dpn. It was only when I saw how quickly the price of buying different sizes of needles was adding up, along with reading about the sets of needles with different cable lengths here, that I even considered buying an entire set.

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