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Originally Posted by Paulaque View Post
lap blanket work?
I don't see why not. There's a thread in one of the other forums where folks are passing around pet blankets and each person adds ... 5 or 10 rows to it (I think) and sends it on to the next person. I think the thread is titled something like "Oddball Pet Snuggles"? That sounds right. Anyway, those would probably be a little smaller, but it's the same idea.

Your blanket story reminds me of a job my girlfriend got about a year ago. Somebody's mother or maybe grandmother started a sweater/hat set for her when she was a kid, then passed away before she finished it. The project languished in a duffle bag for a number of years until the "kid" found it and decided she'd like to have the set finished to give to her daughter. Fortunately, the original grandmother had left the yarn and the original pattern in the duffle too. Wendy could've reverse engineered the pattern (she's just that good), but finding yarn to match would've been almost impossible. Anyway, the now-mom got to give the now-daughter the sweater that grandma or great grandma was making (which was in a terrible tangle of stitch holders and so forth, which is probably why it didn't get finished in the first place).
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