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Originally Posted by fatoldladyinpjs View Post
They've got ads everywhere. My son thinks I'm crazy. But I swear when the Skip Ad button appears, it changes position so you can't click on it, forcing you to watch an extra few seconds.
Try privoxy or another ad blocker. I see very few ads, mostly the word advertisement in blue at the left where the ads would be on youtube. I can't watch shows at hulu and run privoxy or an adblocker for the site. That's OK, my choice, and if I watch TV I still have the ads. You pay for your internet, you can choose how to view things. It may or may not matter, but I'm not running anything MicroSoft and use mainly FireFox, sometimes Opera, and save Google Chrome for hulu and a few other things. All my browsers are set to block unwanted popups. I've never seen the Skip Ad button, either.
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