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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Do you think there's enough to bother with? Wow! I think you might have enough to make something...small.
Whatcha gonna do with it now?

I have NO IDEA what to do with this yarn. I guess that's why it has been sitting in a box all these years. Part of me wants to make a nice sweater dress with it, on my knitting machine. Another part of me wants to make a lacy shawl. And I'm sure I could make enough pairs of socks to last for the rest of my life.....maybe even socks for the entire WORLD!

Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
OMG! We've got the first photos of the skein that ate Sandy!!! Notify the Enquirer!
This photo would be AWESOME in my local paper.

Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
You could probably use it doubled or tripled and make a nice warm shawl or sweater with it!! Pretty color!
I love the color as well, Jan. And I'm really torn about what to make with it. SO MUCH YARN! But, I need to find the END first!

Originally Posted by butlersabroad View Post
Wow, you just throw that on your bed and not even bother to knit it into a blanket! Wonder how many pairs of socks I could get out of that!! Have fun winding it into al ball!
I know! I got very warm with it wrapped around me like that. Hey! Maybe I could just use it as a "one of a kind" unknitted shawl. Just carry it wrapped around me, and smile.
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