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My Story
About 6 yrs I injured my back, had surgery and was told I could no longer run. I am a very athletic person and always considered myself to be an athlete. Needless to say I wasn't too happy, but decided I'd better find a more sedentary activity. I decided to take up knitting.

I felt totally out of place and I was thee WORST knitter in the class. I couldn't knit a square. Everyone was progressing nicely and I just wanted to scream. I actually got so frustrated practicing at home that I took one of the bamboo needles, broke it in half and threw it across the room!

The next week I bowed my head in shame as I explained why I needed to purchase new needles. When I arrived at the 3rd class the teacher looked at me in surprise and said, "We didn't think you'd be back."

Well that did it. I was going to learn how to knit if it killed me! I made so many mistakes, but that was a blessing as I was the only one at the end of the 6 week class who could correct her own mistakes.

The next six week class I was doing socks and bags when everyone else was doing scarfs (yawn) and they still didn't know how to correct thier mistakes.

So, hang in there my friend (s). I learned that making mistakes is the best way to learn. Slow down, take your time. Look at your work and try to understand how the knots are made (knitting is just making knots with sticks).

I use the bamboo circular needles as someone else mentioned. It's okay to hold your stitches at the end of the needle so they don't fall off. It does get better!

BTW- I am back running and totally healed.

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