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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Thanks for the video links especially the Channed Island cast on from Eunny. The picot bind offs that I've seen aren't quite as subtle as this cast on so you may need to play around with them if you decide to use one to balance the CICO. Really, a provisional cast on is ideal for perfectly matching edges. That way you could do the picot bind off on both edges.
I'm intrigued to see this bracelet. Do post a photo in progress or when you finish.
I'm so obsessed with the CICO that I'm not sure if I can let go of the idea. Do you think my idea of grafting a end piece with the CICO will work? I decided to go ahead with the CICO for this first bracelet because I'm anticipating mangling the steek anyway, so I figure it doesn't matter too much if the graft for the bind off piece is weird. I'll definitely post some photos to this topic. I'll try the picot cast on for my second bracelet if my idea doesn't work. I'm also still working on getting a copy of Modern Vintage Knits from the library. I can't wait to see what Ann Budd was talking about, but I think it must just be another version of the Picot bind off, because wouldn't CIBO be on the internet somewhere? Maybe I have too much faith in the internet.
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