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In addition to seeing your doctor...I'd suggest that you UNLOAD extra burdens from your daily list of to-do's.

Un-join anything that's not necessary.
Learn to say no.
Put family first, everyone else can take a number.

I think today's woman loads herself down with way too much...or allows herself to be loaded down.
Then along comes peri-menopause and menopause....the whole house of cards comes tumbling down. Something has to give.

I'm 64...been there, done that.

So all I'm saying is...analyze your schedule. Re-think priorities.

Learn this wonderful phrase and let it become your mantra:

"Oh, I'd really love to, but I just can't."


They ask: "Well why is that?"

You say: "Oh I'd really love to say, but I just can't."

Re-analyzing and adjusting your daily schedule to help you get through this hard time is just as important as anything the doctor can prescribe (which I'm not poo-pooing).
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