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If I increase this part (bolded), would that make the jester points more prominent or larger?

AT THE SAME TIME inc 1 st on both sides of marker mid back on every other row a total of 4-4-4 (5-5) times.
After all inc and dec are complete there are 58-62-64 (72-76) sts on row.
When piece measures 11-12-13 (14-15) cm / 4 3/8''-4''-5 1/8'' (5''-6'') inc 1 st each side towards mid front on every other row 4-4-4 (5-5) times.

ETA-- By increase, I mean instead of "inc 1 st each side..." what if I increase 2 or 3 (or more)stitches on each side towards the middle?
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