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Sad Seamless Rant
I hate admitting this to people because they never seem to understand, but I just dread top-down sweaters.
Trying them on has never been easy for me like I was promised at my LYS. The sweater, at least in my experience, is never the size it will be once it comes off the needles. This makes it very hard for me to actually tell anything from trying it on.
And then there is the problem of trudging through knitting back onto the needle.
The worst part of top-down knitting is this ever-increasing blob of knitting in my lap that seems to so much more easily pick up cat hair and crumbs. I seem to always take on one of these in the summer, which is dreadful, it's so heavy.
I much prefer my little pieces that I can take with me in my purse, and will lie politely in a small controllable area so they stay clean.
Then I can seam them up, which I love to do, and there's never any twisting around the torso.
I really love fair isle and icelandic sweaters so I know I need to get over this, but it's hard. Any advice would be appreciated.
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