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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
With a top down raglan or pullover you would check the fit before you divide the sleeve sts. The front and back raglan increase lines should not quite meet, maybe an inch or so gap. Then you CO 2" worth of stitches enough to get your finished measurement. If your yoke is too short but you have enough stitches, work a few more rows without increases. You can dec stitches at the underarm right away if you have too many sts for the sleeves.
Well, I think this is exactly my problem! All of your post actually, but especially this bit. I've been trying them on well after this point and without any criteria except that all my parts fit!
Thank you so much!

Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
As to the 'finished measurement' many people do make too large a size, so you should measure something that fits the way you'd like and use those measurements, rather than what you think you need. If you're busty, working a pullover with 2-4" of negative ease will keep it from being too large; if you use the size for your full bust measurement it could be too boxy elsewhere. With negative ease (less than your body measurement) it will stretch lightly over the bust, but pull in at the waist, even if you don't do waist shaping.
You nailed my other size problem. I always size up 2-4" on my bust measurement but I've never actually measured one of my favorite sweaters until tonight. It's a 36" which is my bust size! I can't really explain that, but it has what I would characterize as "plenty of ease". I definitely need to re-evaluate how I take my measurements!

Anyway, thanks again for such great help!
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